1 Concept
We are young visual artists from Dresden who would like to engage in an interdisciplinary artistic process with artists from other fields such as literature, performance, music, philosophy, science, etc. We believe that interdisciplinary work is often left behind and therefore would like to bring people together who would like to engage with other disciplines and share their thoughts, knowledge and practices with us and other people. There are two aspects to the PLURALPROJEKT : the first is a creation of an „artistic space“ in which inter-visual art work is being done (this will also include the audience). The second aspect is a display of the artistic work which will be created as a part of this project. These works may appear in exhibitions which will follow this project.

2 Date
The PLURALPROJEKT will take place in Berlin on September 2013. The project is planned for a whole month.

3 Location
The location of the project will be the Atelierhof Kreuzberg in Berlin. Its about 200sq m and functioned as an artist community. The location offers the participants the possibility to engage in conversation, creation and reflection. The participants may use this facility as long as the duration of the project.



4 Publication of Catalogue
A catalogue of PLURALPROJEKT will be published and will include all works produced by the participants. It will also document their work process with each other and display the results of this process.

5 Program
The program will include readings, concerts, discussions, events as well as guided tours by the artists. The main topics are: REALITY, IMMEDIACY, NATURE and TRANSHUMANISM.

6 Application
There is a registration form > Anmeldeformular . 
Form of contribution and ideas for the project can be written in the application form. So far there are different candidates from Germany and other countries. This includes students from the following universities: Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, University of Dresden, Dresden University of Music, Dance Palucca University of Dresden, University of Arts Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin, the German Literature Institute in Leipzig, University Hildesheim, Academy Anhalt.

7 Vision
It is the first time the PLURALPROJEKT is taken place. In the future it will take place in other cities across Germany too. This will give the products of this project a chance to develop and of course access to more artist to participate in the PLURALPROJEKT.


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